The Errigle Inn Comedy Club

Raymond Mearns, Johnny Candon, Ronan Linskey / Compered by Neil Dougan


Raymond Mearns

Raymond Mearns is a Scottish actor and comedian who is best known for his part in Scottish comedy sitcom Legit, in which he played Happy Boab. He has also appeared in Ae Fond Kiss... and It's a Free World..., which were both directed by award-winning Ken Loach. Mearns has also acted alongside his brother Eddie when they played the Blind Twins, Troy and Roy Pettifer in the 1998 short film Home, which won Best Short Film at the 1999 BAFTA Awards. He appeared in the Rab C. Nesbitt Christmas special, in which he played a BBC security guard. It aired on 23 December 2008.

Johnny Candon

One of Ireland’s most sought after comedians; Johnny regularly performs at comedy festivals all over the world. He has delighted audiences as far afield as Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore as well as all over Europe.
A regular at all the major clubs across the UK and Ireland, Johnny has toured the UK with John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, supported Ricky Gervais on his hugely successful Animals Tour and Neil Delamere on his ‘Creme Delamere’ tour of Ireland.
Johnny was a founding member of the critically acclaimed Robin Ince’s Book Club performing with acts ranging from Robin Ince, Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant, Russell Brand, Stewart Lee, Bridget Christie, Simon Amstell, Josie Long, Ian Hart and James Franco
Johnny has performed regularly at the Edinburgh festival in shows including BBC Comedy presents..., Tony Law  Revenge Of The Dog Of Time, The Book Club and in 2008 debuted his first solo show One Careless lady Owner. Johnny regularly entertains the troops abroad.

Ronan Linskey

Mixing astute observation into a cocktail of his own unique absurdist logic, Ronan Linskey has been around for years (2011-2016) and in that time has supported such luminaries as Eddie Pepitone, Tony Law, Isy Suttie, Brendon Burns, and Mark Thomas. He’s gigged across the UK and Ireland, including clubs & festivals such as The Stand in Glasgow & Edinburgh, Josie Long’s Lost Treasures of the Black Heart, Bec Hill’s Pun Run, two Solo show runs at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival (‘Hidden’ 2014/ ‘Cult of Personality’ 2015), and The Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival. He also recently featured on three episodes of BBC’s ‘Live at the Sunflower’.