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What Is The Guinness Pint Predictor?

The Guinness Pint Predictor allows you to call the outcome of each nail-biting Six Nations game. Back your rugby knowledge? Time to prove it and win more than just bragging rights in the process.


Call It.

For every game of the Six Nations, there is a free pint of Guinness up for grabs. Simply call the winner of each game and choose by how many points.

Callit (2)


You can set your predictions anytime and anywhere before kick-off. Crucially, you can make sure it means more by challenging your mates in a private league or by taking on Guinness’s rugby legends.

Phone 2


How Does The Scoring System Work For Leagues?

Fans predict the winner to earn league points. If they get the winner right, the closer they are, the more points they get:

    + 10 points for calling the winner

    + 10 points for a perfect score
    +1 point for each point you get within 10 out
 (eg. 7 points out = 3 points, 4 points out = 6 points)



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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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